Manufacturing With a Personal Touch

At TJ Wire Forming, we combine industry-standard machinery and innovative manufacturing solutions to handle high-volume production runs reliably and efficiently. Our commitment to quality and meticulous attention to detail ensure the highest precision standards on all our products.

We believe in serving with a personal touch and are always prepared to tailor our production to accommodate client-specific requirements. In addition to custom wire forming and metal fabrication, we also offer plate and finishing services.

Below is a brief overview of our machinery and manufacturing processes:

TJ Wire Forming

Four-Slide Machinery

Our four-way horizontally arranged stamping press helps us manage high-volume manufacturing of small stamped components from coil strips or wires. We mold wiring of varying thickness into various shapes to be used in various manufactured products and processes.


We use computer-aided design techniques in our manufacturing processes to achieve high precision and smooth finishing on all our custom wire forms. This is done to deliver components that perfectly suit the unique specifications and requirements of our clients.

TJ Wire Forming
TJ Wire Forming

Tool & Die

We use the best equipment and cutting-edge technologies to manipulate wires into different shapes, sizes, and configurations according to the needs of our customers. We provide wire bending and forming of ferrous and non-ferrous materials while also producing the dies required for cutting and swedging.

Powder Coating Hooks

We use powder coating hooks with high load capacities and consistent grounding as well as proven coating techniques to deliver quality components for high-end applications.